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    My Amazing Adventure, to the Active Ijen Volcano, Ijen Crater - Kawah Ijen

    This is my first time go hiking with one group that we didn't know one each other.

    My Amazing adventures was begun, when I talk to one of my friend which is he is a senior backpaker,  about my desire want to looking for some beautiful place where no many people explore  it. 

    And than, VJ, his nickname asking me to joint his trip to one place that I can visit and  to see either place or the local people activity.

    And then My amazing adventure was begin and ready go to Ijen Crater,  located on the top of active volcano on east java, Indonesia.

    I have book my flight, depart from Jakarta Cengkareng, Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 05.00am destination to Surabaya, Juanda International Airport,  duration about 1,5hours. Walking around many interesting place in surabaya, then I stay at the Hotel nearer the Juanda airport. First day I enjoy my amazing adventure to Payangan Beach and Papuma Beach , then leave for the mountain at 08pm. 

    At 01.00am the next early morning we arrive at  Basic Paltuding. Paltuding is the basic camp where we can stay and prepare our self for hiking. And the guider suggested us to use a handkerchief to put in front of your mouth and nose to avoid inhalation of the sulphur gases and do not forget to carry your sleeping bag because its realy cold up here. 

    And then, we start hiking. It's not easy for me and I begin tired. But i don't want give up  and found some idea for hiking, whenever it passes through the land climbs , I stepped back slowly. Many people looking at me because of I step back climbing the mountain. But I don't care, I felt better and its more easy to do this. 

    But, suddenly on Second Paltuding, we found many people gathered , as there are climbers who collapsed and could not continue . Then we stopped and begin to help her, no matter if it makes us left behind our friends those up the mountain . But helping others is part of my amazing adventure

    The elevation of Ijen is  2,799 meters or about 9180 feet,  with wide of Caldera Ijen about 20km which is has a one km wide torquise colored acid crater lake as the site of a labor intensive sulphur mining operation, in which sulphur laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater floor. 

    The Ijen Crater "Kawah Ijen"
    After arriving at the top of the mountain , the wind and the air is realy cold. At 3 am , we  arrived at Ijen crater and watch the phenomena of blue fire which is comes from Crater.

    Yes, we were so tired, but when we see the phenomena of blue fire directly, it was like getting a new strength again.

    Less than an hour , we start to climb the mountain again to see the sunrise at 5:30 . And its realy realy cold here, the temperature is about 5 Degrees.

    Finally, we reached the peak of the mountain and the beauty of nature from the top .

    The crater looks so beautiful and we realy enjoyed to see the sun rise appeared from behind of the mountain. It's so beautiful

    Taking around Kawah Ijen and take some documentation, we go back to Basic Paltuding and we start to see the local people carry the sulphur from Ijen Floor.

    Local People Carry the Sulphur 83Kg From Ijen Crater
    Can you imagine every day the local people bring  70Kg -80Kg sulphur every day and paid only Rp900.00 each Kilogram even they do this work without any insurance from company and in danger everyday. 

    See the reality of life in Ijen make me crying.

    At 09am, we arrived at basic Paltuding and eat some a breakfast then go back to Surabaya. at 7pm I arrive at Juanda International Airport of Surabaya and ready for my flight with Garuda Indonesia at 9.50pm and then I god back to Jakarta and end my amazing adventure that day with bring some unforgetable moment in my life.

    We hope our goverment and many visitor who come to this place can help the economic of Ijen Mountain's local people.

    Go visit to Ijeh Crater and Find Your Self When You Hiking The Mountain.
    Documentation and Foto

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