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    Explore The World Heritage Sites in Macau

    Ruins St. Paul, Macau Photo
    Macau...I'm a passionate person who have desire to visit the historical places, especially if in fact that Macau have been recognized as the  world heritage site.

    Last year I went to a secluded spot in Indonesia, in Sangiran Village and lulled enjoyed learning about early humans. I didn't realize that all  team  are getting ready to leave for another place. In the endthey find me enjoying  time  to learned about human life in ancient times.

    Why I realy  passionate want to visit Macau? 

    Macau is quite familiar to our  company, therefore my headquarters of our  company decide to choose Macau became the travel destination at the end of 2013.  It's not a hard decision for all employees when they are confronted to the 3 options of country in Asia for visited. When they heared about Macau, they get one voice.  (unfortunately at that time I had not joined in the headquarters of my office, so I did not participate in the tour)

    Macau are located about 60 kilometres to the west of Hongkong and comprises Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane in the newly developed district known as Cotai. In the mid 16th Century, the Portuguese arrived and settled in Macau, therefore the architecture of the city, art, culinary, traditions, religion, and the community reflect the integration of Chinese , western, and Portuguess cultures. 

    In 2005, The Historic Center of Macau has been inscribed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.   Currently, Macau  positioning it self as the The World Center of Tourism and Leisure as it develops into a quality international touris destination. 

    How to get Macau? 

    If you flight depart from Jakarta , Soekarno International Airport you need to transit in Singapore or Kualalumpur. There are some airlines you can choose  to get Macau, such as ;Airasia, Tiger Singapore, etc. 

    Last year my company choose the transit flight which is transit in Singapore and they spend their time about 8 hours to explore Singapore before go back to the airport for connecting flight depart  from Singapore (SIN) to Macau (MHM). 

    For Indonesian people, I think,  transportation cost is not too expensive for connecting flight category (start from Rp 930,000). But if you go to Macau on  peak season, of course you may get the expensive price. Just take a look a good time traveling to Macau and find the promo or cheap flights everyday, you will get the best price.

    ..now, What interest place that  I want to visit in Macau? 

    The Macau Historical Place is the answer. Because I realy enjoying to know more about the true history which is include to UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This is would be the best place fot Photography activity.

    1. Ruins of St. Paul, Macau

    If I have the opportunity to travel in Macau,  Ruins of St. Paul is the place that I want to visit

    Ruins St. Paul, Macau Photo
    This is a part of Historic Center of Macau listed in UNESCO  World Heritage Site. 

    The Ruins of St. Paul was originally the church of Mater Dei build in 1602-1640. The Ruins of  St. Paul College, which stood adjacent to the Church , and both destroyed by fire in 1835. The facade of the ruins of St. Paul's measures 23 metres across and 25.5metres high and is divided into five levels. If you want to visit this place you can go through the Dasanba Street and do not worry? we will gonna enjoy the way because so many shops that a line the street and we can shop various things here while we stroll along the street. 

    Dasanba Street Photo

     2. Largo de Senado (Senate Square) 

    Largo de Senado (Senate Square) Photo Photo

    A friend said that , do not say you have been to Macau if you not visit the lardo de Senado. It's one of the good spot for your Photography activity (because i'm a photographer) and this place is use for many festival and celebration.  Also, Senado Square has been Macau's urban centuries. And did you know? this place become a one of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site.
    It' s a good place to getting some souvenir, because there are a lot of restaurants and shops along the square.

    3. Guia Fortress
    Guia Fortress Photo

    Guia Fortress , is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites recognised in the Historic Centre.  It's long enough to finished the building, about 16 years. The Chapel was build in purpose for the defence Macao against intruders that approach from the sea. Be side that the Guia Fortress is also use as observation port.  The light house was build in 1895 and stand as high as 15 metres. The oldest lighthouse on Chines coasts.  How to get there? Get there you can use the cable car runs  from 8 am to 06 p.m. It's gonna be amazing adventure we visit this place.

    4. Igreja de  Sao Dominingos (St. Dominic's Church)

    St. Dominic Church Photo
    St.Dominic Church is one of the World Heritage Site from Macau. The construction of the church was finished at 1587 in Baroque style and known because of the mixture of European and Local Macanes in each design.

    As one of the first catholic churches in Asia with European architecture.  The church was closed down in 1834 when monastic orders were dissolved and expropriated to the goverment, but now the church are opened again.

    5.  A Ma Temple 

    A Ma Temple

    A Ma temple is dedicate to Matsu the god of the seafarers' and fisherman, dates from 16st century. Its one of the oldest famous temple in Macau. And this is one of the Macau heritage. In 2005 the temple become one of the World heritage site by UNESCO.

    Uniqely according to explanations of Macau Heritage , the pavilions was build in different time with its present scale acquired in1828. The Hall of Benevolence is believed to be the earliest structure, dating back to 1488. The first palace of the Holy mountain was build in 1605 and rebuild at 1629; at the entrances written the restoration date at 1828.

    At list there are many Macau heritage that we can find in Macau such as;  Moornish Barracks, Mandarin's House, St Lawrence's Church , St. Joseph's Seminary and Church , Dom Pedro V Theatre, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, St Augustine's Church, Sam Kai Vui Kun, Holy House of Mercy, Cathedral of The Navity of Our Lady, Lou Kau Mansion, Na Tcha Temple, Section of the Old City Walls,  Monte Forte, St. Antony church, Casa Garden, etc.

    6. Culinary (Macanese cuisine )

    Culinary (Macanese cuisine Photo

    Of course, Culinary is a must :)  This is the uniq culinary of Macau, combines of Chines food and portugues .

    Beside that, there is many plenty of seafood. Macau's caldo verde soup is popular  starter, similar to Portuquese original

    If you are true traveler, Macau is recomended country to visit and enjoy your day on many interest place here and for some photography activity its a good place. Traveling to Macau it's gonna be amazing adventure.

    Plan your trip guys.. :)

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