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    Blogger as Marketer With 13 Games Changer

    Seminar and Discussion about Blogger as a Game Changer with Proff. Hermawan Kartajaya held at Prince Hotel Kusuma Sahid, Solo May 10 -2013

    13 Game changer Blogger as Marketer

    1. Connectivity
    Be connected with your customer , competitor and change agent at real time. Be Understand customer's needs and be ready to respon their complain. Make your customer as a friend not as a target. So customer not a King anymore, but your friend. 

    When customer trust in you, they will be loyal to you. You not need to declare your product are number one in the world, but create the trust first. You don't have to be the best, but be a different is more important

    2. Community
    Leverage the power of cumminuty, both online and offline

    3. Confirmation
    Do not target, but confirm to get approval from the communities

    4. Clarification
     Invite your customers and clarify your positioning

    5. Codification

    Differentiation shall be authentic, codefie your DNA, If you hace consistency, the customer will be trus in you.

    6. Co Creation
    Give chances to your customer to co create your product

    7. Currency

    Pricing shall follow the currency paradigm. Currency must be fare. Be fare in your  blog about the price.

    If you want to sale something, is not about tourism only, but to sale your self, your dance, promote a small bussines in your country.

    Share the information

    Be Focus.  If you focus in marketing, be focus. Talk about the politict, create a realtion to marketing. talk about the woman , relating to the marketing.

    8. Communal Activation 
    Active your relevant comm. To be the real channel

    9. Conversation 
    Create conversation with your customer to promote your offering. Promote is vertical but conversation horizontal

    10. Commercialization
     Don’t sell, but commercialize your true friendship wth customer for the goodness of both sides

    11. Character

    Build your character to be strength your brand. Kl nge twit menggambarkan karakter kamu lih, km enggak bisa sembunyikan karakter. Jadi trasnfaran lah itulah game internet.

    12. Care 
    Service like a king but care like a friend. Thats why customer not a King anymore but someone who called a Friend.

    As a blogger same with you have a small bussines.

    Delivere care to your customer, not only service

    13. Collaboration

    Collaborate with any parties to optimize value creation

    Do something, thinks initiation.

    If you not understand this 13 Games Changer, you will fail become Blogger as marketer.

    Good luck

    Sourches: Reported Prof Hermawan Kartajaya Seminar at Solo 10 May 2013

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